Satellite Broadband Internet Access for Educational Multimedia Content to Unconnected Schools
Project implemented by
Pilot Project BBSat4Edu-2019

the challenge

Despite the efforts aimed at providing fast access to the Internet to all citizens, entrepreneurs, public administration bodies and educational institutions in EU countries, there are still the so-called white spots, where nobody offers broadband access to the Internet, and the situation is not likely to change in the foreseeable future.

The EU wishes to provide broadband Internet equity, this way fighting the digital exclusion in areas which today lack the network access. Thanks to the access to fast Internet we can level the opportunities, taking care of proper development of digitally excluded areas across Europe.

how does it work?


satellite access to chosen schools

During 12 months schools participating in the project will not cover any costs. Everything, i.e. renting the equipment and the costs of subscription, will be covered by the European Union.


technical support for the schools & basic training

We will provide technical support for the schools, including that regarding the network continuity and safety — both during the configuration period, and during the operational period. SAT4EDU will also provide a basic training and guidelines for schools.



We will deliver multimedia education materials to schools with limited internet access possibilities.

european pilot program

The pilot program will include a dozen or so schools from European Union member countries.

The pilot’s task is both filling up the white spots with no network access, as well as testing technological solutions and answering the question of whether or not the satellite Internet can be used to level educational opportunities in digitally excluded areas.

a word from prof. Krzysztof Meissner (University of Warsaw)

our special guest of the official launch meeting

european pilot program - countries


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