For over 30 years of activity in the IT market, we have gained the trust of over a thousand clients from various parts of the world. As a company, we emphasize building lasting relationships based on mutual trust and full commitment. Our comprehensive solutions not only enable your company to use innovative business tools but also ensure excellent cost control through the use of IT specialists’ outsourcing.

Available consultants from January 20, 2023

  1. IT Business Consultant – We offer specialists with 10 to 30 years of experience in this position. They have experience working on large projects for the telecommunications industry and the public sector.
  2. Analyst/Architect – A specialist with 10 years of experience working on projects for the public and private sectors, including experience working for corporations. Holds a higher engineering education from the Military University of Technology.
  3. Senior Programmer – A programmer with 10 years of experience and practical skills in various technologies, including .NET, DOS, Win3.11-10, WinCE, QNX, Linux, RTOS, PLC drivers, C#, VB, C Builder, Delphi, Java, MS Fox Pro, PHP, TSQL, assembler (INTEL8086, 8085, ZilogZ80, MOS6502), and more.
  4. Front-end Developer – A professional with 7 years of experience in technologies such as VueJS, HTML, CSS, RWD, JS+TypeScript, chart.js, Vue, Angular, Jest, TDD, PHP, SQL, Node.js, c, c++, c#, VB Script. Holds a master’s degree in Mechatronics with a specialization in Computer Science and Robotics.
  5. Back-end Developer – .NET developer with expertise in ASP.NET WebAPI, Entity Framework Core, relational databases (MSSQL and PostgreSQL), Git, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Possesses 3 years of experience in large GIS projects for the public sector and telecommunications companies.
  6. Manual Tester – With 2 years of experience in manual testing of desktop and web applications, ability to create automated tests, and proficiency in working in the Azure DevOps environment. Holds an engineering degree.

Our team is ready to contribute to the success of your projects with a wealth of experience, diverse skills, and a commitment to excellence.