We have been operating since 1991

Our company has existed since 1991 and still works without break on IT services market. We design, create, maintain and develop IT system for industry, public administration of big, medium or small business.

In our company projects are implemented in cooperation with clients.
Implementation is based on joint experience starting from analysis stage and strategy elaboration, modeling and designing interfaces, implementation, to keeping further development.

We have implemented over 100 projects as launching websites, intranets, Customer Relationship Management (CMR), DMS systems, dedicated software, e-commerce solutions, advertising campaigns, competition software or advisory service.


IT industry experts

The leaders of team are specialist with 25 years of experience in IT projects in industry, administration, business and science. We use knowledge gained from science centers where there are the most experienced and the best sciencists.
We are focused on cooperation, studying, research and development. Investing in a future we choose only the best specialist to support our clients as best as possible.
We also employ young and well educated engineers giving them opportunity to develop and realization of their own passions.

In our capital group we focus companies binded and closely cooperating:

  • Softcream Software Sp. z o. o.
  • Softcream LS
  • APPCO foundation

Science centers

Our projects are financed from public funds.

We closely cooperate with the most importand science centers:

  • Warsaw University of Technology
  • Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology
  • Warsaw University
Our staff

Meet the CreamTeam

The team leaders are specialists with 25 years of experience in IT projects in industry, administration, business and science