ArchOSx is for everyone who process and store digital data, especially when data safety, consistency and availability are needed for long time period.

What is the ArchOSx:

  • Archive in data grid structure
    System for real management long-term data archive, whose design is built in data grid structure. It has a positive effect on safety, flexibility or ergonomics.
  • Mechanism of care of physical data
    Operating system of data grid with a built-in automatic care mechanism. Patented automatic regeneration of data bits replaces expensive and often impossible migration.
  • Power optimization mechanism
    Operating system of data grid with built-in automatic power optimization mechanism. Patented power optimization in data grid structure means lower costs of system maintenance.
  • Uniform distributed IT system
    Integrated mechanism of long-term data archiving and integrated data processing distributed IT structure.
  • Programmed robots
    Support for management mechanisms as part of analayzing, statistical and predictive application based on post-data processed from event data.
  • Industrial Standard
    Solution designed and built basing on industrial standards which guaranteeing
    effective work i maintaining data consistency for many years.
  • Cost-effectiveness
    The cost is magnitude order lower than tradiotional storage solution (tapes, matrixes)
  • Polish idea and implementation
    The concept is the result of many years of experience of the team of authors and designers, created entirely in Poland. System development is financed from Regional Operational Program of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship in years 2014-2020.

Possible appliances:

  • Health protection
  • Courts
  • Notaries
  • Military and Defense
  • Public and local government administration
  • State Archives
  • Radio, TV
  • Multimedia archives
  • Research
  • Financial institution
  • Industry

ArchOSx is safe system of long-term archival data storage. It provides data consistency and readability for long time. In addition it is characterized by high security level and low storage cost. Solution may consist of any number of different “blocks”. For example: access control realized by specialized software block integrated with REPO, handy high availability archive (REPO), long-term archive which works in background (ARCHI). ARCHI is used for long-term data storage. Communication with ARCHI is only possible through REPO which positively affects system performance and security.

There are also specific access interfaces which depend on client’s needs and application. That interfaces can be used for connecting client’s application with REPO or direct access to it (also to ARCHI through REPO).

Software based on virtual configurable system that can be developed and tuned to your needs. System has double security for transport and data access.

REPO is a cache buffer and ARCHI is electronical implementation of archive. Access to ARCHI is only possible through REPO buffers.

ARCHI is designed for long-term storage needs. It has data recording control mechanism. In addition it can automatically record data periodically without the need for periodic replacement of equipment. ACRHI provides scalability. It has full power optimization i.e. trays requires power only during commissioned tasks. Sinlge ARCHI tray (single rack) is 300 disks in total. For example each disk has a capacity of 4TB which results in 1,2PB. Working power consumption of such tray is about 400W.