Do you need software which meets your specified requirements?

    • We will carry out the analysis of needs and requirements. We will also estimate project budget (also for grant application from European Union fund).
  • We will make technical specifications.
  • We will design, create and test system.
  • We will launch software and train users.
  • We will provide maintenance, administration, system monitoring.
  • We are at your service if application development is needed.

Are you applying for funding from union fund or are already benficiary of one of program?

  • Take advantage of our experience.
  • Plan with us a work schedule.
  • Accomplish your investment in new technologies with us.

Why SoftCream Software?

  • In recent years of activity we realized a number of IT projects.
  • We cooperate with dozens of clients in Poland and in the world.
  • We are oriented to specifics of start up business — We have created and now keep many social networking sites
  • We understand specifics of european projects – we realize many projects co-financed from OPIE program (operational program: innovative economy)
  • We are stable and reliable partner – company has existed since 1991

SoftCream provides broadly understood programming services, our cooperation scope includes various thematic areas related to software development. Depending on the customer needs we we ensure the implementation of both the entire project development cycle and only some of its elements.


Main thematic area and challenges, we realize together with our clients, include:

  • Analysis client’s needs and requirements
  • Creating necessary documentation: functional specification, project documentation and others.
  • Creating software from scratch – whole life cycle.
  • Improving of current software versions – adding new or modification.
  • Software migration to a new programming environment (using new technology).
  • Maintenance current software – removing errors, functional trainings.
  • Preparation of project for work with many language versions and adding new (preparations of translations are included).
  • Tuning in terms of efficiency.
  • Software testing.
  • Hardware designing.

Software development cycle

We provide both realization of full software development cycle and adaption to our clients’ needs. The full cycle model is placed on following bookmarks: Experience/Knowledge database.

Of course we understand that our clients have elaborated their own working model. That’s way we do our best to satisfy our clients needs and make cooperation as easy as possible.

Detailed scope of work

Our offer in particular fields includes:

In software development scope:

  • PC-software development.
  • Web software development.
  • Software development for embedded-firmware devices.
  • Software development for mobile devices.
  • Integration of various IT systems: different types of PC software for embedded or mobile devices. Integration each type of software with Web applications.
  • Creating databases
  • Software localization.

In scope of performed analyzes:
Creating efficient software requires carrying out number of analyzes. SoftCream carries out the following analyzes:

  • Stocktaking of IT infrastructure.
  • Technical analysis of functioning systems.
  • Analysis of clients needs and requirements.
  • Post-implementation analysis.

In the scope of making documentation:
Implementation of full cycle of requires creating documentation on different software development stage. SoftCream prepares documents such as:

  • Functional project specification.
  • Technical specification.
  • IT system project.
  • Text and validating documentation.
  • Software acceptance procedure.
  • Traceability matrix.
  • Software user manual.

Post-project services:

Our offer of programming services does not end with software development, we also propose you wide scope of post-project services, including inter alia:

  • Monitoring of working system.
  • Trainings.
  • Software improvement.
  • Maintenance and author’s supervision.

Hardware designing:

In recent years, at the ours clients request, we have developed our offer by additional services related to hardware designing, to be exact:

  • Preparation of equipment project (both SCH and PCB) optimized in terms of size, production costs, software etc. according to purchaser’s requirements
  • Preparation of data set for the needs of production
  • Prototyping, initial startup and testing
  • Production coordination (at customer’s request)

Competences scope

  • Software structure and designing: MVC, OOP
  • Programming languages and techniques: PHP, Javascript, Actionscript, Ruby, Java, .NET
  • Application programming technologies: AJAX(GWT, YUI), Web services, FLEX
  • Data presentation, script languages: XHTML/CSS, XML, XSLT
  • Database technologies: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2
  • Application servers: Apache, IIS, Tomcat

Based on our many years of experience in cooperation with clients, we noticed that project specification, its complexity, time in which it has to be finished are connected with individual customer preferences. Those define an effective cooperation model. In our daily work we use following billing scenarios.

Fixed Price Model

The final price and project realization time are established before starting work and become a part of contract. The contractor bears full financial responsibility for not estimating the project.

For well-specified projects for which the risc of mistake is minimized (at estimation stage). Specification and cost of realization are part of contract what does not allow to making changes to requirements. At the core of this work mode there is assumption: fluent cooperation with customer (quick answers to all questions), that will allow to meet the deadline.

In most cases work includes doing whole project. It is required to deliver detailed documentation, which will be the basis of both offer and contract preparation. On the ambiguity explanation stage client receives  our support in scope of possible solutions and its evaluation.

Benefits for client:
Fixed and predetermined cost of realization. Risc of not estimating on part of the contractor.

Labour model + materials

Customer covers labour and materials costs (time and materials). Settlements are made in advance every specified period. Projects are initially estimated only before starting work.

For large or long-term projects.

Work on the project can be started from any stage of realization. Cooperation begins with system decomposition, estimation of its elements and fix delivery time. Project is settled in stages, according to delivery schedule.

Benefits for client:
Ease of specification changes and project realization time.

Work at Client’s Place – Model

Client covers cost of: materials, realization time and accomodation. Settlements are made every pre-defined period of time.

For projects that have to be immediately launched and require close cooperation with client. Also if used tools cannot be transported due to legal restrictions and data security or its transport is expensive. In case of currently working systems.

Our team works in mixed groups created together with customer employees, usually at customer’s headquarters. Integration time of both teams then is shortened to minimum. Our employees have a clearly presented problem and know how to operate with devices which are at client’s place.

Benefits for clients:
Freedom of work and full, direct access to our recources. Ability of work on devices located at client’s headquarters.

We know how importand is providing client with high quality software. We understand that keeping standards on each stage is the only way to reach the goal.

Project and documentation

We design and create software according to following standards:

  • UML – Unified Modeling Language – defines unified model language which contains concepts and notations used for object-oriented analysis, modeling and designing.
  • CWM – Common Warehouse Metamodel – defines metamodel representing both business and technical metadata, commonly occurring in data warehouses and also in systems which allow for data business analyzes. That standard is used as basis for exchanging instances. Metadata are exchanged between heterogeneous IT systems from various providers. For example: data warehouses or systems allowing for business data analysis.
  • MOF – Meta Object Facility – is an OMG standard which defines typical abstract language. The language allows you to specify metamodels. MOF defines basic elements, syntax and structure of metamodels. Metamodels are used for building object-oriented discrete system models.

We make the following documentation:

Functional requirements (specification), technical (IEEE standard or another indicated by a customer), developer, user (user’s guide) and administrator documentation.


Project management:

  • MS Project Server
  • TFS
  • Bugzilla

Code repositories:

  • CVS
  • SVN

Automatic builds:

  • ANT
  • Cruise Control


We deal with the following test types

  • Functional and utility tests – checking the product for compliance with customer requirements and assessment of product adaption to customer needs.
  • Regression tests – control tests; checking if no error has been created or system stopped to meet client’s requirements as a result of code modification.
  • Load and performance tests – checking system or subsystem in terms of adapting to customer performance requirements.
  • Static tests – source code are verified with specialized software, Experts and experienced programmers team.

Contact: Mateusz Śmietanka tel. +48 22 867-80-00