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IT Outsourcing, IT services and professional computer network service on the highest level

We provide full IT service for small and medium companies in Warsaw and its surrounding area. Nowadays IT Outsourcing is the most popular and the most effective method of company expense optimization. It is only effective when these expenses are operated by experienced and trusted partner. Today the continuity of IT infrastructure operation is the key to business management.
Digital data tend to be main value of company. The loss of them or interruption in access to them may cause serious and irreparable effects which generate financial losses. The best way to provide your IT infrastructure will work effectively is to sign a contract for maintenance services.

Since 1992 our company has constantly provided services for its customers.
Our consultants, technicians and engineers are available for you. The service concerns network performance, internet access, VoIP telephony and efficient work of IT systems. We are watching over whole resources and monitor them so that clients feel safe.

The safety of IT resources means also constant monitoring of behaviors in places of special importance. Optimum Video monitoring solution using MV21 and MV71 devices secure selected company areas and places we want to protect.

In our offer u will find:

    • Monitoring of systems IT operation
    • Computer network designs
    • Implementation of internet connection
    • Software and equipment installation and configuration
    • Installation and configuration of wired networks
    • Service & support VPN networks
    • instalacje i utrzymanie sieci VPN – https://www.softcream.pl/vpn/
    • Installation and configuration of wireless networks
    • Routers configuration
    • Network maintenance / supervision and on-line support
    • Software care
  • Helpdesk website: https://www.softcream.pl/en/helpdesk-en/