PWD Online: Web resource content analyzer. Searching for essential data from web resources becomes more and more a challenge for all companies and orgnizations. In order to help getting essential data and monitor its changes we prepared special tools used for efficient searching and moniotring data online.

PDW online is an example of application based on Java engine. It is programmed especially for monitoring network resources, websites and various files containing data. The PWD application engine systematically monitors indicated resources using original alghoritms. It builds information table and shows moniotoring results in metadata form. Those metadata can be shared for users in different formats.

Would you like to monitor selected network resources? e.g competition websites, tender notices, contest results – contact us and arrange a presentation of your product.

The examples of appliance:

  1. Monitoring and reporting websites resources of selected websites e.g availability, reaction time, availability time
  2. Searching, monitoring and reporting in the form of social media resource metadata.
  3. Searching, monitoring and reporting public information bulletin websites in order of obtaining desired information
  4. Monitoring mailing lists and event logging
  5. Monitoring electronic media and reporting on selected events
  6. Signaling events in social media

List of monitored central administration offices

Audit results

Telecommunications operators are required to comply with the rules of website availability

Audit results