SoftCream offers  GIS (Geographic Information System) services

We create and customize GIS systems tailored to the needs of businesses and public administration entities. Our services include: installation and configuration of GIS software, creation of spatial databases, integration of data from various sources, and customization of the user interface.



Based on the data, develop an algorithm that ensures a very good sequence of delivery points, taking into account parameters obtained from historical data and approximating them for a specific day.


Accurate geocoding of an address, even if it contains errors, based on distance from the pattern techniques.

Intelligent Autonomous Device (IUM)

A device that can be used for data collection, autonomous, intelligent, small and lightweight, with a long battery life. In addition to gathering data for research, it can be used for tracking shipments, such as tracking mail carriers. The device will serve as a development platform for further work, for example, as an RFID base for shipments on a vehicle or even a mail carrier’s bag.

Tools (GIS)

As part of the project, tools have been developed that we offer under an open-source license.

Cream POSQL Cluster:

A prepared and documented open-source tool for building a PostgreSQL cluster using repmgr tools.

Cream Map Tools:

AngularJS components utilizing OpenLayers to build a GUI related to map operations.

Cream TERYT Tools:

Tools for processing PRG, TERYT, and NOBC address data.

Cream geoCoder Tools:

Geocoding and reverse geocoding components.

Cream DTM Tools:

Components for handling digital terrain model (DTM) maps.

Cream Queuing Monitor:

Module for executing and monitoring background tasks.


Scope of Our Services

  • Spatial Data Analysis: Conducting spatial data analysis for clients (distance analysis, influence zone analysis, intersection point analysis, travel cost analysis, etc.).
  • Spatial Data Visualization: Creating interactive maps and charts based on spatial data (developing web maps, mobile applications, data visualization tools, cartographic layouts, etc.). Spatial data visualization helps in better understanding and presenting geographical information.
  • Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding: We offer geocoding services and our flagship product, CreamGeocoder, which transforms addresses into geographic coordinates and vice versa. We provide integration with external application geocoding services.
  • GIS Application Development: Designing, implementing, and deploying GIS applications that enable clients to access, edit, and analyze spatial data.
  • Spatial Data Management: Assisting and supporting spatial data management, including data collection, storage, updating, and sharing (managing spatial databases, creating data quality control mechanisms, developing API interfaces for integration with other systems, etc.).
  • Training and Technical Support: Providing training and technical support related to GIS system operation. Training covers the use of GIS software, spatial data analysis, GIS application development, etc. We also offer technical support for any issues related to the GIS system.